Emotions can be dangerous

How emotions break relationships through anger, stress and impatience.

Emotions are dangerous if they go unmanaged. People commit murders for the stupidist reasons. Why? because they reacted without thinking. Stress, anger and impatience can immediately make us react in a situation with devestating results. Murder is of course an extreme outcome, most of us just manage to break relationships. But breaking relationships just because we could not manage our emotions is something we often end up regretting.

Often, the things we say can never be forgiven and we certainly can’t take them back. 

Even off the cuff remarks about others in conversation can get back to a person and then go full circle and hit us bang in the face with an angry friend taking us to task!  One immediate response without aim ricochets and bounces back right at us. Our emotions land us in serious trouble! So what is the answer? Well that really depends on what is driving us into speaking emotionally without thinking . There can be many reasons for this including:

  1. Desperation to appear knowledgeable
  2. Opposing people for the sake of it because we just dont like them
  3. Carelessly repeating things we hear without first checking the real truth
  4. Desperation to fit in by joining in with, and; supporting the negativity of others
  5. Because our emotions are stressed
  6. Because we are impatient
  7. Because we are easily angered
  8. Because we are prone to negative thinking
  9. To be dramatic and center of attention
  10. Because we need to learn how to be more positive.

The very last reason actually covers all of the other reasons. When we allow our emotions to leave our mouth without thinking they can hurt others therefore validating the idea that we just do not care enough. If we were more positive then our comments would not be so damaging and life would be less complicated.

emotions in reactions create complex lives
Reckless words create complex lives

Committing to having a more positive attitude

This must be a serious life choice. If we are committed to becoming a positive person hense allowing our lives to be less problematic then we must take this on at a moral level. We must in fact make the decision to build this rule into the very core of our being. We must allow having a positive attitude to become a principle in our life. A principle is a basic building block to our personality. Principles define who we are. They elevate us into the thinking classes. We leave reckless emotional reactions behind and we commit to using our intelligence instead.  We become responsible communicators no longer prone to reckless comments.

How to become a more positive person

The first thing we need to do is to clearly define the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. We must always be on the side of good and right to be positive. Also; we must commit to the fact that as humans we can be wrong sometimes and so must be ready to admit this if we are. Truth is very important if we are to remain positive. There can be no more a powerful person on this earth than those who are both positive and know truth. A person who holds their hands up and announces that they have no opinion because they simply do not have enough knowledge on a matter will gain enormous adoration and integrity. People can rely on a person like this. Once we commit to living our lives as good people then we naturally become caring.  The mental well being of people around us becomes very important. It becomes something we fight to protect at all costs. When we do this then we become positive.

Good is great!


Caring about the happiness of others sets us free.

When we work toward other peoples well being and celebrate their good side, help them practically, support them emotionally then we become more valuable to them. The truth is that as humans we do use each other. We need eachother on many levels. We compensate eachothers weaknesses therefore coming together as a tribe. As a member of your human tribe our contribution matters. The greater the contribution we deliver then the bigger the rewards we gain in our social circle. When we care about others to this level flippant comments born from uncontrolled emotion becomes something from our younger undeveloped past. Now we think before we react. If someone is having a bad day we recognise theat they may be saying something without thinking and we simply react with intelligence instead of emotion.

Oh come on you didnt really mean that! You are just having a bad day!” This attitude sets us free. We are no longer a part of the negative cycle.

There is good and bad in everything and everyone. It is entirely our own choice which we choose to see. If we choose the bad then we attract bad. When we choose the good we attract the good.

My life is wonderful!

If your reasons for emotional reactions is anger or maybe depression then you must seek professional help.

I advise you to speak to your doctor about this. Take that first step. Move toward understanding why you are the way you are. There may be something from your past that has gone unresolved that is causing you to be this way. Depression is usually present because we feel out of control of our lives. (unless it is clinical) Again; speak to your doctor and ask to be refered to a councelling service.

Be proactive, deal with the issues. Become a self developer, There are no problems, only solutions!

You too can become positive and work toward the good of everyone around you!

Good luck!


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